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Hello everyone! I'm Ngan.
Once you soo in, you can't soo out.
I strive to be a quality EXO pretty pictures blog, but EXO crackis such a huge part of my life.
My bakcground images are drawn by my best homie: vysanimehouse
something flutters;
Attention shifted to him like sunflowers turning to the sun.
Perseverance. Shout out to the 12 Asian homies!

14/ yixing's airport appearances: 040714

Yixing Outfits 5





OMG!!! Chanyeol!! Really!! What are you trying to do??!!

Photo By : 黄小鱼_TFISH (Logo)

preparing Tao in public I see (¬‿¬)


when divas collide



Pants too tight but not complaining (¬‿¬)

ACTUALLY i only think about ass half of the time. the other half im thinking about ngan

oh gosh…

are you still taking those personality/exo ship things?

Not anymore, I’m sorry! I have a lot left in my inbox and I don’t want to do them half-heartedly. But I will do it again sometime in the future :)

And by the way I love your blog :333

thank you so much!! <3 your blog is also super adorable!

Oh right my details: Uhm 165 cm and a brown haired bob with huge brown eyes (double eyelid) European, positive, artistic, loves acting too, plays guitar, Uhm loves hugs?!, wears makeup a fair bit, is rather optimistically energetic, is the big sister of like everyone (I'm head advice giver, and my advice usually goes well, I'm responsible for two long term relationships), and I love dogs and reading :) is that enough?! Never done this before :P thank youuuu xx


EXO-K: I would ship you with Chanyeol. I feel like you both will bring happiness to everyone as a couple with your positive energy. Your height and basically outer appearance would also fit well with him! :D (although the dog part made me really want to ship you with Kai becasue OH MY GOSH WALKING THE DOG DATE) but two would be so cute >_<

EXO-M: I would ship you with Kris. You two would be a well repsected couple because people would come to you for advices. Like the mom and dad! :D

about 156 cm tall, loves to sing and draw, trying to teach myself the guitar. I’m shy and have a soft voice even with my family, and but I have a lot to say if you give me time to open up. I tend to be more of an observer and listener, and the one laughing at the joke than making it, and I love laughing! Even with lame jokes, I laugh :P I can get really weird with my family at times, and I talk the most out of my immediate family, but I’m mostly a chill person :)


Hmm..I would ship you with Chen! That’s because I think he would make you feel comfortable enough to be yourself around him. He will be able to bring you out of your shell effortlessly. I imagine a very chill relationship, but loving as well. :D